Garden villages – the start of a home-grown revolution

England’s first-ever garden villages have the potential to change the way development is delivered, and even change attitudes to new housing. They promise a distinct kind of place, designed for 21st century living and at a scale where people will feel connected to each other and to their locality.

The danger is the delivery instead of dormitory housing estates in the countryside, isolated but with no heartbeat of their own.

How can the success of the 14 new garden villages be guaranteed?

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Expanded EIA regulations come into force

New EIA regulations which come into force in England on 16 May 2017 will expand their scope and requirements. Developers can now demonstrate that an EIA is not required by describing the features and measures which will avoid or prevent significantly adverse effects on the environment at the screening stage. This could screen out borderline EIA developments but a level of certainty will still be needed that mitigation measures can be delivered.

LPAs will still need to adopt a screening opinion within three weeks, but this can be extended if the developer agrees.

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Designing rooftop garden for Westgate, Oxford

The new 800,000 sq ft (74,300 sq. m) Westgate Oxford development includes the city’s first public roof garden, designed by LDA Design.

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Littlehampton public realm shortlisted for prestigious planning award

We have reached the finals of the RTPI’s planning awards with our public realm scheme for the seaside resort of Littlehampton in west Sussex.

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Tidal power lagoon to trigger regeneration

The tidal power lagoon in Swansea Bay will be a major catalyst for city growth. It could even have a role in bolstering the UK’s Brexit survival strategy.

LDA Design are working with Tidal Lagoon Power as masterplanners and lead designers for the project, and are consultants for the proposed lagoon fleet.

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Plymouth masterplans shortlisted for design award

Masterplans for Plymouth by LDA Design have been shortlisted for the 2017 National Urban Design Awards.

Improving the look and feel and viability of the city centre is a key focus, together with transforming the waterfront experience.

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The art of creating community

Two thirds of people polled in a recent survey in Britain felt that a sense of community has declined in their lifetime. A new essay by LDA Design shows the way that new homes are masterplanned presents an incredible opportunity to reverse this trend.

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Groundbreaking approach for one of UK’s leading economies

The Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough economy is among the fastest growing in the UK.

LDA Design has developed a ground-breaking approach to the future economic growth of this area, with work supported by Cambridge University.

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Universities with ambition

Universities competing in a global environment require a world class setting. They need to be outward looking, and well integrated into the local community. They need high quality public realm which provides exciting and creative spaces to maximise chance encounters and exchange.

LDA Design toured five successful universities in the US which are doing some hard thinking about new development

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Proposals unveiled for Union Terrace Gardens

Our design proposals for the £20 million regeneration of Union Terrace Gardens have been unveiled and welcomed by Aberdeen’s city council leader.

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