What we do

At LDA Design we make great places and shape the world for the better.

Our origins lie in landscape architecture, and this strengthens all the services we offer.

The original meaning of the word landscape is to create a place where people belong. Landscape connects people and place, and knowing how people use space gives breadth and depth to our work as urban designers, town planners and environmental planners.

We follow the principles of first life, then spaces, then buildings. Whether the project is a park, a port, a tidal lagoon or a new urban district, we focus on the needs of people affected. We then design spaces which create opportunities for encounter and exchange. As masterplanners, we know how to ensure buildings support the social, economic and environmental functions of the place.

We see a growing appetite for landscape-led design because of its capacity to deliver the most vibrant places. We have a 150-strong team working across England and Scotland, working for developers, landowners, communities, universities and government.

The consultancy has received over 100 awards for contemporary and historic parkland design, urban renewal and historic town centre improvements. We pioneered the concept of green Infrastructure planning and design in the UK, and our work is informed by our Futures research programme.

LDA Design led the masterplanning and detailed design of the Olympic Park and the design of its post-Games transformation. Since then we have masterplanned University College London’s pioneering new campus. Other recent projects include Plymouth city centre and Cambridge University’s new museums site. We are responsible for delivering the public realm for Battersea Power Station. We have successfully delivered over 50 Heritage Lottery Funded park restoration schemes including Burgess Park and Victoria Park in London, and Gorky Park in Moscow.

At LDA Design, we love what we do.

Battersea Power Station

Great design is efficient, affordable, sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. Nowhere is it more important than in our public spaces – our parks, streets and squares – where so many people’s lives intersect and around which so much commercial activity is centred. The reality is that our everyday environment has an enormous bearing on how we as individuals and communities feel and behave and the choices we make.

We work at every scale to design high quality, contextual public, and private spaces. We identify the strengths and potential of existing spaces, renewing and transforming them into attractive places where people are proud to live and work. We also create new spaces, adding inherent aesthetic and economic value, encouraging new investment.

Our expertise includes the design of parks and green spaces, streets, squares, seafronts, waterfronts, campuses, courtyards and roof gardens. Our experience ranges from beautifully designed projects on a modest scale, to some of the most complex and high profile commissions imaginable – including the Olympic Parklands and Public Realm for London 2012 and the reinvigoration of the Battersea Power Station site.

Successfully delivering such projects requires a particular blend of skills. We have those skills in abundance and we continually invest in research and training to ensure that we remain leaders in this very important area of work. Find out more about our Public Realm projects.

Port of Dover

LDA Design leads the field in energy and infrastructure projects. Our approach seamlessly integrates development, design, sustainability, consultation, planning and environmental expertise. This means development solutions that respond positively to context, place and policy, and minimise impacts on the environment – and so increase the likelihood of securing consents.

We combine creativity and responsiveness with a technical rigour and whole project understanding. Our approach adds value, informs project strategy and delivery, reduces risk and maximises returns and is equally applicable to all energy and infrastructure projects, from the large to the small.

Our work spans the entire process from feasibility and site selection, through the design and consenting process to implementation. We provide project leadership, strategic development advice, planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, masterplanning, and a broad range of complementary design, environmental and sustainability services including architecture, landscape architecture and cultural heritage advice. We are also expert witnesses.

We understand the technologies, risks and processes involved in consenting procedures including Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs), Town and Country Planning Act applications, Harbour Revision Orders, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Tidal Works applications.

Our experience includes tidal, on and offshore wind, solar, energy from waste, biomass, CHP and district heating, grid and substations and nuclear, ports, rail and highway projects and river and coastal projects. Find out more about our Energy and Infrastructure projects

The Welborne Plan

LDA Design has been one of the UK’s leading planning and design consultancies for over 30 years. Our approach combines an ability to creatively respond to the special characteristics of each place, mixed with technical rigour and commercial awareness. Our aim is the creation of truly great places and the realisation of our clients’ development and regeneration goals.

LDA Design can take projects from site selection and planning promotion, through site appraisal, masterplanning, technical resolution and detailed design to delivery on site. We present projects at examination, public inquiry and planning committee.

We provide planning, EIA, masterplanning, architecture, energy and landscape design services for projects which range from complex, brownfield inner-city regeneration sites through to new settlements, urban extensions, business parks, leisure developments and mixed use schemes. Our approach to public consultation is engaging and persuasive and we are recognised as being at the very forefront of neighbourhood planning. We are able to develop governance, funding and delivery strategies which can optimise the return from commercial projects, and deliver wider regeneration and environmental benefits.

Our approach combines strong leadership and creativity with exceptional technical rigour and commerciality. Our ability to respond to each place helps us ensure that we deliver distinctive outputs that stand out in a competitive economic climate. From the outset, we focus on sustainability, viability and delivery, and work collaboratively with clients, other professionals and local communities. Find out more about Development and Regeneration projects.

Dorset Coast Landscape

The environment underpins our economic prosperity, health and wellbeing, and we rely on it for food, water and the materials and energy to build and fuel our homes and businesses. An endless source of wonder, the environment also influences the communities we live in and contributes to our sense of place and identity.

Natural forces and the actions of mankind have shaped our environment over thousands of years, and continue to do so today. The effects of a changing climate, and our responses to this, look set to accelerate the pace and scale of change we can expect to see in future.

Recent decades have seen a protracted decline in environmental quality and resilience. However, by working with, rather than against the environment, we are better able to deliver positive and sustainable development.

LDA Design understands the complex and often competing pressures placed on the environment, and in particular the potential effects of climate change. We are leaders in assessing and planning for terrestrial, coastal and marine environments and designing sustainable solutions for managing our precious natural resources, cultural assets and building in resilience. Find out more about our Climate Change and Environment projects.

Rawdat al Khail Park, Doha

LDA Design functions as one global studio specialising in all aspects of Design, Energy and the Environment. Our ‘One Studio’ approach is built around a multi-disciplinary team of designers and project managers who have gained experience of delivering projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, China, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to bring together all of the services necessary for the creative and technical leadership of development, regeneration and environmental projects. We understand the different demands required of varying climatic zones and the diverse cultural, economic and social requirements to deliver sustainable places for current and future generations to enjoy and cherish. Find out more about our International market.