Markets & Expertise / Climate Change & Environment

We plan and design solutions for managing environmental assets, adapting to the effects of climate change and delivering sustainable development.

The environment underpins our health and wellbeing and economic success. We rely on it to provide the food, water, materials and energy we need to prosper. The landscape and historic environment tells the story of our cultural heritage and offers opportunities for leisure, recreation and inspiration. An endless source of wonder, the environment shapes the places we live in, contributing to our identity as individuals, communities and as a nation.

Natural forces and the actions of mankind have changed the environment around us over thousands of years and they continue to do so today. The scale and pace of change is increasing. New housing, industry and infrastructure are planned at an unprecedented scale. This is all set against a protracted decline in environmental quality and resilience and the context of a changing climate.

LDA Design understands the importance of the environment and the ecosystem services it provides. We are leaders in assessing and planning for terrestrial, coastal and marine environments, taking into account the complex and often competing pressures placed on them. By applying this understanding, we help our clients to make informed decisions about how and where to invest to achieve the maximum benefit. Combining rigour with creativity, we design sustainable and resilient solutions for managing precious natural capital and cultural assets. We believe that by working with the environment we are better able to manage change and deliver sustainable development.