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Coastal and Marine Environment

A significant proportion of the settlements, economic assets, sensitive landscapes, heritage features and ecological sites in the UK are located along its extensive and dynamic coastline. LDA Design is uniquely placed to advise private and public sector clients on the strategic and integrated planning of our coastal and marine resources, within the established policy, regulatory and governance frameworks. We have extensive experience of planning and delivering coastal and offshore renewable energy development, ports infrastructure, and the regeneration of coastal communities, while our work on assessing seascape character and adapting to the impacts of climate change in coastal areas has been pioneering.

Key Contacts

Ian Houlston

Ian is a multi-award winning landscape architect and archaeologist with specialist expertise in the contextual design of large and complex development projects in sensitive locations and assessment, planning and strategy making at the strategic scale.

He has experience of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment, Green Infrastructure planning and Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment and combines technical rigour with creativity and has the skills needed to communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging way.