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Rural Environment

LDA Design has extensive experience of planning, change management and conservation in all types of rural landscape. We have brought together our development and environment experience to offer a unique service focussed on positive rural planning.

We help small rural communities grow and provide affordable housing for local families and space for rural businesses. We also help farmers and landowners plan and manage their land more sustainably, including enhancing provision for public access, local landscape character and habitat connectivity. Our core skills in landscape character, ecology, historic environments, GI and climate change mean that we see the bigger picture. This enables us to develop strategies that conserve and enhance sense of place while delivering new development and more sustainable management of rural areas.

Key Contacts

Ian Houlston

Ian is a multi-award winning landscape architect and archaeologist with specialist expertise in the contextual design of large and complex development projects in sensitive locations and assessment, planning and strategy making at the strategic scale.

He has experience of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment, Green Infrastructure planning and Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment and combines technical rigour with creativity and has the skills needed to communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging way.