Alister Kratt speaking at NSIP Forum 2018

LDA Design shares detailing and design insight at NSIP Forum

The devil is in the detail for large infrastructure projects. Too little information can stop a project but committing too early with too much information can mean there’s less flexibility further down the line. So, what’s the right amount of detail and when’s the right time to use it?

At the 2018 National Significant Infrastructure Projects Forum (NSIP), LDA Design Board Director Alister Kratt will address the information dilemma along with the issue of design freeze, looking at when this should happen and if it’s truly achievable. He will also make the argument that design needs to be properly considered as part of the process, outlining what that means for all involved.

This year’s two-day forum offers up a practical guide to gaining a DCO and NSIP delivery, looking at how to successfully complete pre-application, examination and DCO implementation.

Alister is speaking at 2.30pm on Wednesday 7 February, NSIP Forum


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