Watchfield Solar Farm

Rob Shaw to explore how developers can transition to subsidy free projects at Solar Energy UK Conference

Rob leads the consultancy’s Solar and Futures teams and is helping renewable energy developers navigate the uncertainties facing the industry. In his session, Rob will stress that solar still offers great opportunities and will harness his experience to focus on two major challenges facing developers; namely public perception and acceptance of solar energy and its viability in the face of recent subsidy cuts.

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Potential for energy generation through solar pv technology

Early closure of the Renewables Obligation for solar PV projects (below 5MW)

LDA Design has written to the Department of Energy and Climate Change responding to their proposals outlining our concerns.

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HS2: Delivering the Vision

In March 2015, HS2 published its Design Vision, setting out a highly aspirational approach to delivering this major piece of national infrastructure. Rail magazine recently published an article by LDA Design Board Director, Charles Crawford suggesting how the Vision can be turned into reality.

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Bridging the delivery gap

Planning needs to deliver results; it is charged with delivering sustainable development and facilitating economic growth; and is tasked with unlocking housing growth and providing new and much needed new homes.


BRE Cities convention 23rd April 2015

LDA Design Director Rob Shaw was invited to speak at a session looking at how we finance long-term solutions for cities.

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Solar Farm

What’s the single biggest challenge the UK solar industry is currently facing?

The biggest challenge is to develop sustainable business models that enable the industry to operate without subsidies. The days of renewable projects generating power and selling cheaply to the grid are numbered: the cost of grid upgrades is too high and subsidies will not last.

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