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Helping developers stay ahead of the energy transition

In a world of rapid technological, economic, social and environmental change we need to approach project and organisational challenges in a more integrated way if we are to maximise benefits, returns on investment and business sustainability. Building on our involvement in designing, managing and delivering innovative development work for over 35 years, LDA Futures offers clients a way to understand and use these drivers of change to shape business models and priorities, investment decisions and projects.

Our consultancy advice provides sound, pragmatic and clear advice. We deploy rigorous and creative methodologies to analyse the often complex interrelationships between issues and use this to develop and deliver viable solutions and propose fresh approaches to project and organisational vision, strategy and management.

Key Contacts

Robert Shaw

Robert leads strategic planning, solar energy and futures work across the business. His career has been wide ranging across many disciplines, from spatial planning and strategic programme delivery through to renewable energy, climate change and infrastructure strategy and projects. What is common is his ability to understand and synthesise complex and interrelated themes, and to use this to create deliverable solutions. This is invaluable in a world where places are being shaped by a powerful set of social, economic, environmental and technological drivers of change.