Bernie Foulkes LDA Design

Reimagining the purpose of the university estate

LDA Design Board Director, Bernie Foulkes, will take part in Westminster Higher Education Forum’s discussion on the priorities for the future development of university estates. The event will explore the key themes of competition, local growth and regeneration, and future proofing.

Bernie will discuss how universities can harness the power of the public realm to encourage local growth and urban regeneration. The discussion will consider how the sector can work more effectively with local businesses, communities and government.

This timely discussion takes place against a backdrop of rising capital expenditure by universities and uncertainty in the sector over future costs, student numbers and research income.

The forum will discuss factors driving changes in the way universities are approaching investment in the estate, such as increasing competition between institutions to attract students.

Further sessions will bring out latest thinking on the future-proofing of university learning and living environments, as well as potential steps that can be taken to ensure that both new and current buildings are environmentally efficient and sustainable.

Contact Bernie for more information.

Thursday 22 February, Westminster Higher Education Forum
Sixty One Whitehall


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