LDA Design Director, Paul Connelly, to speak at this week's UK Ports Conference.

Seeing the bigger ports picture

A long-term approach is best when it comes to designing for ports, argues LDA Design Director Paul Connelly

Paul will address this year’s UK Ports conference, 22-23 May, on the added value to the ports industry of thinking longer term and seeing the bigger picture when it comes to design.

Paul is a town planner with 22 years’ experience. He heads LDA Design’s Planning team and is responsible for developing and delivering our comprehensive planning offer. He is experienced in leading complex development projects and his positive approach to planning and plan-making has delivered strategies, consents and ultimately built schemes across a range of sectors including public and private regeneration, development of port, harbour and railway lands, infrastructure and a variety of energy technologies.

Paul’s talk on the value of an alternative perspective on long-term port planning will highlight how broader horizons help to optimise the value of port assets. He will also present on how to get the best out of port masterplans.

UK Ports Conference
Wednesday 23 May, 11.45am
Congress Centre, London


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