LDA Design's Kirsty Barker to row the Atlantic Ocean.

The countdown to the big row begins

It is just three months to go before LDA Design’s Kirsty Barker sets off on an epic adventure: a 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic.

Kirsty (pictured left) and Row for the Ocean team members Rosalind Holsgrove-West, Kate Salmon and Laura Try are rowing to raise awareness of the global problem of single-use plastics. Here’s Kirsty’s latest blog …

“Since I last posted, the whole team has been working flat out to raise awareness of the problem of single-use plastics and supporting Plastic-Free Exeter and Surfers Against Sewage, including giving talks in local schools. Plastic-Free Exeter aims to make our home city the largest plastic-free city in the UK by 2020, the fact that it’s really gaining momentum is fantastic to see and be a part of.

We are also busy preparing for the big row, which means getting heaps of equipment in place and testing far too much dehydrated food –  I can report that the chicken tikka is surprisingly tasty.

We have also had our kit inspected by the race organisers. This involved a day measuring rope and discussing the best seat pads to use, and getting very nerdy about all things ‘boat’. It turns out ocean rowing is definitely not a glamorous endeavour.

Last weekend, we went out on the boat with two Olympic and ocean rowers to learn more about handling techniques and ‘man overboard’ drills. Seeing the boat rowing away from you in the ocean is definitely something I am keen not to repeat. We also got more used to sleeping as a pair in the cabin and the effects of CO2 build up – something we should hopefully only encounter during a storm.

Next month is an exciting one. It’s when we unveil our fully wrapped boat – LDA Design is one of the sponsors – ahead of shipping in October. And we are running a charity auction too.

So, just three months to go! Gulp. That’s only three more months of training six days a week, with one to two hour rowing machine sessions – I can only add thank goodness!”

To follow Kirsty’s and the team’s progress, row to:

Website: www.rowfortheocean.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rowfortheocean
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RowForTheOcean
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rowfortheocean


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