Tidal power lagoon to trigger regeneration

The tidal power lagoon in Swansea Bay will be a major catalyst for city growth. It could even have a role in bolstering the UK’s Brexit survival strategy.

LDA Design are working with Tidal Lagoon Power as masterplanners and lead designers for the project, and are consultants for the proposed lagoon fleet.

The independent government review has recommended the go-ahead for the tidal power lagoon.  Its masterplan provides for urban regeneration of the Swansea Bay City region, including an area of seafront that has been cut off from the public for over a century. It will link to Swansea port and Swansea University’s new waterside campus, providing community and sports facilities and public realm connecting to the city centre.

“On top of providing a new generation of carbon-free energy, the tidal lagoon is visionary placemaking infrastructure,” says Alister Kratt, Board Director of LDA Design.

“In uncertain times, this kind of investment in a pioneering UK industry shows how we could design our way to a Brexit that works for everyone. The lagoon utilises a broad range of creative resources to deliver new technology and regeneration at the same time.”

The tidal lagoon forms a U-shaped breakwater built across the bay. It provides for a new maritime park, extending the full length of the impounding sea wall and intertidal shore, with coastal recreation assets such as a national sailing centre, and a new beach and saltwater marsh.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is seen as the pathfinder for a fleet of five plants in the UK. It could unlock a multibillion-pound series of projects which could provide about a tenth of the UK’s electricity needs and regeneration benefits for communities around the country.

Alister Kratt presented to the independent Hendry Review in 2016 on the design, environmental and regeneration merits of the Swansea tidal lagoon and the wider lagoon fleet.

Swansea Tidal Lagoon Case Study



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