Together in Glasgow: Practice Day 2017

For this year’s practice day, LDA Design gathered in Glasgow for Cruinn Còmhla ’17, Scots Gaelic for a celebration that brings people together.

And celebrate we did – seizing this chance to reflect on our recent achievements, to focus on the months ahead, to further deepen our understanding of each other and to go dancing!

We congregated at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it was the perfect place to start our day together.

Ahead of the day itself, we all completed a short survey on the places we love, that surprise us and that make us feel joyful; as well as the places we are less keen on, the things we can’t live without and what worries us most in the world. It’s no surprise that we love a myriad of places – from urban squares to mountaintops: our connections to people make us happy.

The answers show how we all have our own way of seeing, drawn from our experiences and memories. They also reveal our shared connections and our similarities, and it’s this balance that strengthens us.

After listening to Andrew Harland, LDA Design’s Chairman, reflect on the last 12 months and explore what drives us, and our team from Glasgow who gave a wonderful insight into the city and Scotland, it was time for PechaKucha – the extreme sport of public speaking. We took our hats off to five fearless souls – one from each of our offices – who talked eloquently about a place that works for them. They were each smart, funny, insightful and moving – not bad with just three minutes to play with.

And then into Glasgow we went, to explore the delights of a city famous for its rich industrial past and Victorian and art nouveau architecture. We went east to Barrowland, BAaD and Barras Market; west to wander down Ashton Lane and around Glasgow University. We took in the views offered up from The Necropolis and enjoyed the buzz of Merchant Square.

After a short, and for some, much-needed rest, we spent an evening under a celestial ceiling in Òran Mór, one of the city’s architectural jewels, where we enjoyed a traditional ceilidah and an evening of laughter, great food and some left-footed reeling. We got to our beds late, sore of foot, exhausted but exhilarated.

Thank you Glasgow. You were amazing. And you stayed dry – we are forever grateful.


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