Discussing UK garden villages

Unlocking local potential: talking garden villages

What will guarantee the success of the UK’s first ever garden villages? We are hosting a breakfast talk with Lord Taylor of Goss Moor to discuss.

Earlier this year, the government named the first ever garden villages. This new initiative has the potential to deliver more than 48,000 homes across England.

From Long Marston in Stratford-on-Avon to West Carclaze in Cornwall; from Welborne in Hampshire to St Cuthberts in Cumbria, the 14 new villages will have access to a government fund of £6million over the next two financial years.

It’s an investment which emphasises the need for locally-led development. Much rests on it. Get these right, and we will create welcoming, enterprising new places which will help to address the real and pressing need for housing. Miss the mark, and we will end up with dormitory housing estates with no heartbeat of their own.

Next month, LDA Design and Newgate Communications are hosting a breakfast discussion in Oxford led by Lord Taylor of Goss Moor to explore what needs to be done to guarantee success.

Lord Taylor is the former chair of the National Housing Federation. He was an MP for 24 years and helped shape the government’s garden villages policy. He will be joined by industry-leading figures to discuss how garden villages could deliver more sustainable communities, alongside the wider issue of housing delivery.

“At the heart of this initiative is hope,” said LDA Design director, Justine Leach. “If we can achieve genuine place-making at the local level through garden village development, we have the potential to transform housing design and delivery in the UK.

“It’s the responsibility of all those involved to commit to getting this right, which means putting sociability and quality at the heart of each new village.”

Contact Justine for more detail.


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