C-19 Risk Assessment

When we closed our studios in March, we didn’t think that it would be months before we reopened them. But here we are, in September. It’s fair to say that we are excited to open our studio doors once more, albeit with stringent physical distancing measures in place. Small steps.

We have carried out a full risk assessment for each of our studios, which has been developed with and communicated to all those working at LDA Design. If you would like to receive an assessment for a particular studio, please contact our Practice Manager, Jo Dunseath on info@lda-design.co.uk

We have also shared guidance on returning to the studios and working together safely.


Returning to studio

We want people to return when they feel ready and their personal circumstances allow, and only those who want to do so will return in the ‘first wave’ by which we mean, up to the new maximum C-19 occupancy. Working from home has gone well and suited many, and those returning will be able to do it flexibly wherever possible, with time split between home and the studio.

Regular catch ups will be held with those who have returned to work to ensure they remain comfortable with arrangements, and with those continuing to work from home.

Anyone showing Covid 19 symptoms or linked to a bubble with a confirmed case is instructed to stay at home.

Travelling to work

Returners will largely be travelling to work by bike, on foot, or by car. We have upgraded our bike to work scheme, with a higher limit of £3,000 and savings of at least 20 per cent on a bike (including e-bikes) and accessories.

We have advised that public transport is still to be avoided, where practical. A flexible start and finish time will help those who do need to use public transport to avoid peak travel times. All staff are aware that face masks must be worn on public transport. 

Achieving social distancing

Occupancy levels will be managed to ensure that all employees in the studio will be allocated a desk that is a minimum of two metres from the next person. No task carried out in an LDA studio will be allowed to compromise strict social distancing.

We are also reviewing the possibility of working in social bubbles so that in the event of a confirmed incident, the impact on the wider team is minimised. 


We have introduced enhanced cleaning regimes in all studios with employees assisting by ensuring they wipe down their desks, PCs, keyboard and mouse and phone at the start and end of each day. All meeting rooms will be cleaned before and after use. Meeting numbers and frequency will be limited.

Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will be provided throughout each studio. 

Managing a COVID 19 incident

If any member of the team becomes unwell, they will be sent home and advised to follow stay-at-home guidance. The office leader will provide regular updates to the rest of the team, if required.

If there is a confirmed case, we have an incident plan in place which will be acted upon immediately. This plan has been shared with the entire team. 

Mental health and wellbeing

We are concerned about the mental health toll from working through a pandemic and the extra pressures this has placed on employees. A system is in place for office leaders and office managers to regularly check in with their studio team, including those still working from home.

We have raised the profile of our employee assistance programme, LifeWorks. Our mental health first aiders are well known throughout the business and there to assist when called on. 

Monitoring and review

We will continue to share and act on the latest government guidance and adjust our processes accordingly. All of our studios will regularly review the efficacy of the processes we have in place and adapt as required.

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