A singular moment in time: Why we are moving to employee ownership

The potential Employee Ownership brings is thrilling, unlocking more opportunities for all who work here. Together, we will shape the business that we love. 

Say it loud. LDA Design is becoming an employee-owned business.

This is a profound change in how we organise ourselves; one that gives a stronger voice to everyone within the organisation. The move assures our long-term independence and offers a sustainable and fair way forward for the company. It also positions us as part of a rapidly growing movement. We are leading the way in our profession.

At a time when we seem more polarised than ever before, when what separates us seems to be coming to the fore, our working life has an important role to play in binding us together, to build community.

What we do is purposeful. We set out to make great places that strengthen community and where it is easy to feel a sense of belonging. Employee Ownership will help us to make our work community stronger so that it better reflects what we do. It will ensure LDA Design is a more meaningful and rewarding place to be.

This decision marks a very significant moment in our 40-year history and the potential it brings is thrilling. It will unlock greater opportunities for all who work here. Together, we will shape the future of the business that we love. Employee ownership will make us more resilient and agile. It is a catalyst, genuinely energising.

In so many ways, this move was a logical next step for us. Employee Ownership is an extension of the values and ethos that have always guided us: belief in our people, in their ability to think new and do the right thing, and in nurturing an inclusive team that always pulls together.

We see what needs to change in the world, and are agents of that change: through creativity, innovation and ideas. This won’t change. In fact, we believe employee ownership will make it stronger.

Of course, the move is not without complexity. We currently have ten owners and the change means we will instead be owned by a Trust acting as a shareholder. There is much still to be done to embed new ways of working but the clock is counting down. We move forward at pace.

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