Join a creative force to be reckoned with

“LDA Design is made up of equals who bring a broad variety of skills, experience and expertise to running our projects and the business as a whole. We see employee ownership as the ultimate expression of our belief in each other. We want everyone who works here to love it and feel valued, and to feel supported in trying new things.”

Frazer Osment, Chair, LDA Design

Hope lies in new opportunities to create a future that puts climate, increased biodiversity, social value and public health at the heart of decision making. The world needs purposeful, values-driven businesses today more than ever – businesses that achieve a net good for society while focussed on the needs of clients, and which are successful, profitable and resilient.

LDA Design will always be a values-driven business. We are proud to be 100% employee owned. 

We are united around a common purpose: to make great places and shape the world around us for the better. We do this through our work regenerating cities and towns, planning new settlements, creating and repurposing streets and spaces and renewing the UK’s infrastructure. Fundamental to this is addressing the climate and nature crises. We have a firmly held belief in landscape as the essential building block of place. 

We are creating new models for city living, such as Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad and car-free living in the UK at Waterbeach. We’re exploring ways to show how spatial planning can deliver net-zero transport and we’re designing new flood defence in Portsmouth and Mumbles that will create better, more resilient places to live. We are reimagining inner-city housing estates from Sighthill in Glasgow to Aberfeldy and Carpenters Estate in London, and turning streets in Liverpool, Manchester and London into healthier and safer places to be.  We have an absolute determination to see our work realised so that we make a difference. 

And we are growing! There is an appetite for our approach and way of thinking, and our combination of skills.  We are looking for the best minds to help us deliver for our clients and communities everywhere.

We have a host of exciting opportunities across all of our studios, in urban design, landscape architecture and planning. We are looking for a visualisation technician and a document controller. Intrigued? Then don’t let the grass grow. Check out the opportunities and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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