Reaching way beyond the ordinary

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Thomas Paine

There are five values at the core of LDA Design. They are a source of strength and have guided us for 40 years. They matter just as much to our clients as they do to us


We nurture a great team who love working here and deliver for our clients as trusted partners. Our ‘first life’ approach is a key driver in your projects – we start with finding out what people want and need. We are alert to social impacts. 



We believe passionately in landscape as a fundamental building block of place: it is what connects people and place. The environment and the goals of sustainable development are critically important and central to our work. 

Innovation and  ideas

We see what needs to change in the world, and we want to be agents of that change, through creativity, innovation and new thinking. 


We are ambitious about what we want to achieve. Daily life at LDA Design is spirited and energetic. 

Commercial success

We set out to realise our clients’ ambitions. This means strong client relationships, and listening always. 

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