We don’t claim to have all the answers.
Just a few thoughts about where to start.

Where great things can happen

University College London has always been an educational pioneer, so when the decision was made to expand east into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park it was only natural that it would want to carry on this tradition, working with LDA Design and LLDC to develop a new campus model. We catch up with progress as two buildings open.

Reclaiming Union Terrace Gardens

Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens is one of the UK’s most important park regenerations. But the journey towards restoration and regeneration has not been an easy one. Director Kirstin Taylor explains how, working closely with Aberdeen City Council, LDA Design was able to turn things around.

In conversation with … Professor Dame Julia King

Professor Dame Julia King is a crossbench member of the House of Lords and Chair of its Science and Technology Select Committee. Here she explains the need for a systems approach to support renewables and for behavioural change, issuing a call to the professions to fully engage in climate and environmental leadership.

A place-led approach to carbon reduction

Why do we still have so much poor-quality new housing in the UK? And how can a place-led approach transform design and reduce carbon? LDA Design’s Masterplanning lead, David Wesselingh, explains.

Safer by Design

The majority of women still don't feel safe on the streets of our towns and cities. LDA Design public realm lead, Sophie Thompson, explores the role design and planning play in bringing about the change we urgently need to see.

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