We don’t claim to have all the answers.
Just a few thoughts about where to start.

Opening Doors: An interview

Frazer Osment, LDA Design’s new Chair, feels encouraged by a fast-emerging ‘coalition of wills’ bent on addressing the climate crisis and making things happen. We asked Frazer how he got into the profession, and how landscape architects, urban designers and planners can best respond to the twin challenges of climate breakdown and growing social inequality.

Listen, you can hear the train coming

Significant investment is being made in the UK's transport, digital and energy infrastructure. Does our new infrastructure reflect who we are? And as a society, are we champions or naysayers? LDA Design Director, Alister Kratt, explores our tangled relationship with major infrastructure.

To Russia, with love

It may come as a surprise to many, but we're finding there's a strong new appetite for landscape-led design in Russia. LDA Design Director, Mark Williams, shares his understanding as to why.

Staging Urban Landscapes

Cannon Ivers is the author of a seminal new book exploring the activation and curation of public spaces. Here he explains why these need to be priorities for designers and planners.

An age of intimacy

Everyone needs to feel valued. So what is being done to help the nine million people in the UK who say they are often or always lonely?

The new custodians

Biodiversity Net Gain positions developers and landowners as the new custodians of the natural world. It’s a serious ask. So, can BNG pull off the ultimate balancing act of halting nature’s decline whilst also accelerating new housing - all without overburdening developers? Spencer Powell explores.

Vandals or visionaries?

Our perceptions of place and landscape change with time. Seven years on from the Olympic Games, we take a look back at the protest that besieged the Olympic Park site in its early days, and ask whether the critics had a point.

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