If you want things to change,
you need a voice that carries.

Stratford Waterfront new homes approved  

Planning success for Stratford Waterfront residential quarter, the final piece of East Bank. LDA Design has worked closely with Howells and O’Donnell+Tuomey architects on a masterplan for Ballymore and the London Legacy Development, creating 700 fantastic new homes in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Our call to action

It may have been a snap election, but there has been time enough for a sea of words, multiple TV debates, hard hats and factory visits, claims and counterclaims, caution when we might have hoped for more, recklessness when we might have expected care. And, of course, the bungee jumping. At LDA, we’ve used the Read more

Astana models slow city living

LDA Design, the Centre of Urbanism and local architects BAQ have created a new model for city living in Astana that's based around quality of life and sustainable mobility. It includes a greener, more detailed vision for the city's main square and new main station.

Changing London street by street

Gordon Street in Bloomsbury has been transformed into an inviting civic space with new seating, planting and cycle lanes. It is another fantastic example of Camden Council's ongoing drive to create greener, healthier streets and spaces.

Thoughts on what’s to come

Is 2024 a tipping point? In the run up to the election, we'll be sharing some of our thoughts around the shifts that are already underway, the changes we still need to see and the role that we and other purpose-led businesses should be playing.

Our spring promotions

A highlight of the season. LDA Design's spring promotions. New career milestones that are thoroughly deserved. Well done, everyone.

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