If you want things to change,
you need a voice that carries.

Making MIPIM matter

MIPIM brings 26,000 built environment designers, developers and influencers together. It’s a huge opportunity, not a moment of which should be wasted. LDA Design's Frazer Osment, Sophie Thompson, Ben Walker and Mark Williams will be heading to Cannes this year, eager to make a difference. This year's theme is "the future is human", so our 'first life' approach should resonate widely.

New plans to revive Stevenage

Ambitions behind the original design for Stevenage, Britain's first New Town, offered a radical solution to overcrowding in post-war London. New proposals, which have just gone in for planning, celebrate this utopian vision, bringing life back to the centre.

Are you our Trust Chair?

As we stride towards employee ownership, LDA Design is looking for a Trust Chair to lead our Employee Ownership Trust. The right person will share our passion to shape the world around us for the better.

Keeping up the pressure

There is no doubting 2019's seismic shift in public perception of our changing climate. The challenge for 2020 is to build on this shift. At LDA Design, we are starting the year by launching a climate statement – our commitment to each other and the world at large to keep climate breakdown front of mind.

LDA Design’s bursary awardees

LDA Design has awarded five bursaries to students of landscape architecture and urban design, to celebrate our 40th anniversary and encourage the next generation of professionals.

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