Our spring promotions

“A practice is only as good as its people. At LDA Design, we never lose sight of this.”

What does it take to make your mark on a business or in the world?

LDA Design’s spring promotions suggest clear sightedness, commitment, creativity, an ability to listen and also to learn, and generosity of time and expertise with others. Fresh thinking and caring a lot go an awful long way too.

This is a heady mix that changes things for the better. Akvile, Cameron, Dimitris, Dhrumil, Eleanor, Jemma, Jon, Kirsty, Kit, Lewis, Morbheinn, Richard, Ross, Sian and Soniya demonstrate these qualities every working day and so much more besides. They bring insight, skill and joy to our studios. With these promotions, we celebrate them and all that they do.

A practice is only as good as its people. At LDA Design, we never lose sight of this. Our promoted employee owners are making their mark in different ways. They are ensuring our coastal towns more resilient and great places to be, and transforming urban shared spaces so that they are greener, more accessible and inclusive.

They are enhancing visitor experience, so people stay longer and enjoy more, and creating well-connected new settlements that are places to live well, to grow up in and grow old.

Across our studios, they are developing new visions for historic towns that everyone believes in and wants to champion, as well as securing planning consent for major, complex infrastructure that reflects and better serves local communities.

They are helping to power the UK on renewables and successfully bringing nature and play to our doorsteps.

They are, in a word, awesome. Thank you …

  • Akvile Burdulyte — Senior Consultant
  • Cameron Fong — Project Consultant
  • Dimitris Adamidis — Project Consultant
  • Dhrumil Kantharia — Senior Consultant
  • Eleanor Buckell — Principal Consultant
  • Jemma Hall — Associate
  • Jon Penn — Principal Consultant
  • Kirsty Barker — Associate
  • Kit Bowen — Project Consultant
  • Lewis Turner — Project Consultant
  • Morbheinn McAllister — Senior Consultant
  • Richard (Weicheng) Feng — Project Consultant
  • Ross Schaffer — Senior Consultant
  • Sian Berkley — Associate
  • Soniya Stephen — Project Consultant
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