If you want things to change,
you need a voice that carries.

The new custodians

Nature's 'great thinning' is the biggest concern of our age. Biodiversity net gain positions landowners and developers as the new custodians of the natural world. This move could be a catalyst for rethinking places. LDA Design hosted a seminar to explore the possibilities.

A favourite time

April is our time when we say a special thank you to all those helping us to go from strength to strength. What’s not to like about this time of year? “Nothing is so beautiful as Spring – When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush”. A time when optimism can win out Read more

The power of landscape

LDA Design is marking its 40th anniversary. The power of landscape to blaze new trails has never been stronger. We asked Andrew Harland, our chairman, to look at some of the defining moments.

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