If you want things to change,
you need a voice that carries.

Welborne secures outline planning

Fareham Borough Council has granted outline planning permission for the creation of Welborne Garden Village, one of the first of the Government-backed new wave of garden communities.

The power of landscape

LDA Design is marking its 40th anniversary. The power of landscape to blaze new trails has never been stronger. We asked director, Andrew Harland, to look at some of the defining moments.

LDA Design launches bursary to mark 40th

To celebrate our 40th year, LDA Design is awarding five bursaries worth £2,000 each to support and encourage those studying landscape architecture or urban design in the UK, at undergraduate or post-graduate level.

Greenwich looks for answers from tomorrow’s designers

A free week-long summer school at the University of Greenwich will encourage teenagers, who are often under-represented in design, to explore decisions which will affect their lives in the future. LDA Design's Arlene Decker joins the teaching team for the week.

West End Projects is an NLA winner

LDA Design’s work with Camden Council to make some of the borough’s public realm in central London cleaner, greener and safer has won the 2019 NLA Public Spaces – Unbuilt award.

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