If you want things to change,
you need a voice that carries.

OurWorld Bristol campaign launches

LDA Design joins creative, education and media industry leaders in unveiling a vision for the world’s first ‘augmented reality zoo’, based within Bristol Zoo's historic 12-acre gardens, which are currently threatened to be lost to private housing development.

Tom Perry joins LDA Design

Tom Perry has joined LDA Design to lead its Cambridge studio. He comes from the Design Council, where he was Head of Architecture and Built Environment.

Planning success for Albert Island

Newham Council has granted planning permission to London + Regional for Albert Island, an exciting new industrial site on the Thames. The decision is a welcome boost to industry in London and a step forward for new public realm.

Newcastle’s Grey Street goes green

Newcastle City Council has shared its vision to transform the city centre and boost post Covid-19 recovery.  Proposed designs by LDA Design will see key streets pedestrianised as part of a £50m city centre wide revamp that aims to create a healthier green city, drawing investment into the centre.

New habitat for small blue and marbled white

A new nature reserve in the Colne Valley will rewild 127 hectares of arable land, creating wood pasture, wetlands and flower-rich grassland using chalk taken from tunnelling under the Chilterns. The wildlife haven will use all three million tonnes of chalk excavated from a 10-mile tunnel for HS2. It will be a distinctive landscape that replicates local chalk ridges.

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