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“We need joy as we need air. ... We need each other as we need the earth we share.”
Maya Angelou, author

As an employee-owned consultancy, but any business really, success rests on the shoulders of incredible people. Today, we say thank you to some who have contributed so much to what we do and to life at LDA Design.

A huge amount of work has gone into each career milestone reached and the commitment, clear-sightedness, creativity, warmth and all-round smarts shown by Andrei, Andrew, Barbara, Beth, Catherine, Florence, Francisco, Greg, Jakub, John, MacDara, Margaret, Marina, Matt, Max, Naomi, Nick, Rhiannon, Rory, Sarah and Stuart is something to behold.

From new reservoirs to improve water resilience in the face of long, dry summers to the restoration of historic Union Terrace Gardens in central Aberdeen; from planning triumphs that will benefit a host of communities to design codes and a new strategy for BIM. From proposals to improve Beresford Square in Woolwich to new public realm for Newcastle City Centre, London’s West End, Battersea Power Station, Stratford Walk, Olympia, and Euston, to name but a few. From a masterplan that has turned the Sighthill estate in Glasgow into a fantastic place for people and for nature to plans that will transform Bangor and Queensway in Southend and many more places around the UK, and beyond.

On they go, each and every day, drawing on big imaginations and ambitions; doing amazing things with pen, paper, and software; giving spot-on advice; creating great places; designing for new infrastructure; and bringing LDA’s Charter and values to life. Thank you one and all.

Andrei Batarin – Project Consultant
Andrew Kay – Associate
Barbara Pyda-Martin – Senior Consultant
Beth Francis – Project Consultant
Catherine Ham – Principal Consultant
Florence Clayton – Project Consultant
Francisco Farias – Associate
Greg Meikle – Associate
Jakub Namniestnik – Project Consultant
John Simpson – Director
MacDara O’Nidh – Associate
Margaret Miao – Senior Consultant
Marina Solodova – Project Consultant
Matt Golding – Senior Consultant
Max Barnes – Senior Consultant
Naomi Rosser – Principal Consultant
Nick Bigelow – Associate
Rhiannon Parrett – Principal Consultant
Rory Wilson – Director
Sarah Touzeau – Director
Stuart Holmes – Principal Consultant

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