Today, we celebrate

A special moment as we thank some of our changemakers. It is in being adventurous and collaborative, leaders not followers, that their success lies. It is not always easy, but their insight, hard work and spirit carry us through.

Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our fellow employee owners grow their careers. It’s not magic beans that makes this happen but commitment, craft and masses of hard work. Ours is a collaborative culture, made so by all those we recognise here today.

It’s a bumper crop of promotions this time around. Each one has earned our gratitude. Every day they bring their best selves to work, sharing their learning as they go along and supporting others. All are helping communities and towns and cities up and down the country to bounce back after the challenges of the last two years.

So, congratulations Anna, Ashleigh, David, Eleanor, Ian, Jordan, Juliana, Katarzyna, Katie, Marta, Michele, Mòrbheinn, Nick, Oliver, Ross, Sam, Sara, Sarah, Silvia, Sofia and Tom. Thank you for all that you bring. You’ve reached the next milestone in your career and with some style.

Anna Gillespie – Senior Consultant
Ashleigh Davis – Project Consultant
David Wesselingh – Director
Eleanor (Ellie) Buckell – Senior Consultant
Ian Houlston – Director
Jordan Baldock – Senior Consultant
Juliana Rojas – Principal
Katarzyna (Kate) Raczkowska – Project Consultant
Katie Preston – Technician
Marta Guerini – Senior Consultant
Michele Hu – Project Consultant
Mòrbheinn McAllister – Project Consultant
Nick Atkinson – Principal
Oliver Haring – Project Consultant
Ross Schaffer – Project Consultant
Sam Hammersley – Project Consultant
Sara Crichton – Senior Consultant
Sarah Potter – Principal
Silvia Trezza – Senior Consultant
Sofia Bergman – Principal
Tom McCreesh – Associate

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