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Swimming in the Seine

On the eve of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, LDA Design's public realm lead, Sophie Thompson delights in the ambition to make the Seine swimmable again and the pace of environmental change across the city.

Rewilding the City

What do we mean when we talk about rewilding the city? And what are the benefits? LDA Design's Public Realm lead, Sophie Thompson, argues for a new environmental aesthetic and of living a bit more on the wild side.

Can we code for beauty?

Are design codes able to bring about some of the changes we need to see in new development and can they be used to factor beauty into planning? LDA Design Chair, Frazer Osment joins Planning Unplugged podcast to discuss.

Plan the street as well as the sky

Why do we always think about the impact a tower has on views and the skyline and less about what happens on the ground? Here are nine key things to consider when building tall. Rule 1 - design for people and nature, and never let vehicles dominate.

Seeing solar in the round

When operational, Paytherden Solar Farm will be capable of powering up to 15,000 homes. Good news for the UK’s energy mix and costs. What makes the project even more special is its partnership with the RSPB to deliver ecological benefits with the charity citing the project as an exemplar for the solar industry when designing for biodiversity at scale.

Wearing the crown better

Addressing the collapse of biodiversity in the UK involves making every inch of the built environment work much harder. How can we use our rooftops more effectively and efficiently, to benefit people and nature?

The Big Switch

Is our long-standing addiction to limitless, year-on-year growth desirable? LDA Design Chair, Frazer Osment, argues for a cultural shift and a new wellbeing economy that puts people and planet first.

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