Wen-Chih Chao

Senior Consultant

020 7467 1470

I have nine years’ professional experience and have worked in the UK, Germany and China. I have been involved in many international projects and competitions, for instance Tempelhof Park in Berlin, CBD Central Park in Beijing, and Shi Ling Park in Chengdu. Currently, I am working on the schematic design for a new ecological park for the Eden Project in Qingdao, China – their first overseas venture.

I love this quote by Milan Kundera: “The degree of slowness is directly proportional to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting.” Landscape is not static; time plays a major role in our work. As a landscape architect, my goal is to create more sustainable environments that enrich experiences and reconnect people to nature.

When I am not designing, I enjoy attending exhibitions and talks to gain inspiration from different disciplines and be carried away by surprises.


My favourite place is …

Toulouse. The beautiful artisan facades weathered over decades, pink roofs, plazas, markets, streetscapes, lush promenades along the river, plus French culture and cuisine, making it a very charming city all year long.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

Andy Goldsworthy and Charles Jencks, these two giants inspired me to study landscape architecture.

I love the view from ...

Calton Hill. The panoramic view there is open, diverse and rich. Simply mesmerising.

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