Peta Donkin


01865 887050

I am an environmental planner with over 20 years’ experience in coordinating and delivering projects ranging from initial project development through to delivery of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, with vast experience in leading renewable energy schemes and large-scale infrastructure projects. As environmental lead, my strengths lie in collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team and coordinating technical project advice to shape and deliver strong, innovative projects which are influenced by, and tailored to, each unique site and its opportunities.

I think it’s important to enjoy what we do, and be happy and proud of the results we achieve, so I try and work to make each project exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved and to foster a happy working environment.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my three horses, going to gigs, and have recently taught myself to sew my own clothes having honed my technique by making a million face masks over lockdown!


The last book I read was …

'The Storyteller' by Dave Grohl. As a lifelong fan of his music, I listened to the audio version as that is narrated by the man himself, although I have the printed version too.

I love the view from …

Cape Point at the tip of South Africa. Looking out at the vast expanse of sea and watching the merging of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans is really quite beautiful. Best enjoyed with a crisp glass of cold white South African wine!

My favourite walk …

Is always one with a horse involved! I have a young Clydesdale who is not old enough to be ridden yet, but we enjoy pottering about together with me on the ground while she browses the verges and hedgerows for tasty treats.

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