Alex Achniotis

Principal Consultant

0117 2033628

Trained both as an architect and landscape architect, I am interested in understanding cities as systems. My current focus is on how we use technologies to help us design, build and sustain the places we create, and how to make them work harder for us and the environment.

I have worked on a range of projects through all stages as project lead, technical /design support or BIM lead, including Hayle Harbour; the Britannia Project in Hackney; LSBU new campus; and Cardiff Central Quay riverside public realm.

Outside of work, I enjoy a refreshing cold-water swim, a good game of table tennis, skateboarding, or a jam with fellow musicians. Whilst I enjoy all those things, I love spending most of my time with my family.


My favourite walk (or bike ride, or tree) is ...

Through the pine forest of the Troodos mountains in Cyprus.

What nearly always works for projects?

A water-tight project specification.

What is your secret superpower at work?

Rigour and an inquisitive attitude for positive change.

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