Alexander Giarlis


01223 949054

I have practised architecture and urban design internationally and across a wide range of scales, from public art installations to the design of entire cities.

Previous to joining LDA Design, I worked at OMA in Rotterdam and Hong Kong as a senior architect and project leader.  Some of my most significant contributions there were for the Norra Tornen in Stockholm, the masterplan for Waterfront City in Dubai, West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, Doha International Airport City in Qatar and the Maggie’s Centre Gartnavel in Glasgow.

I have taught architectural theory at the TU Delft and Urban Design at Hong Kong University and I am a guest critic at the University of Cambridge and the Architectural Association. I have always engaged with architecture as a practice that is simultaneously academic and applied; a discipline that requires both artistic vision and engineering invention.


My favourite place is ...

Manhattan, a perfect synergy of geology and will, the triumph of the grid.

I love the view from ...

The stern of the water taxi approaching Venice.

The last book I read was ...

Non-places by Marc Augé

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