Andrew Kay


01733 310 471

I have worked for LDA Design since 2014, having spent five years with Gillespies. I have been jointly working on LVIA and public realm projects, ranging from a care home scheme in Cambridge, an airport business park in Southend to a large housing development in Wigan.

I enjoy understanding the history and the spirit of the place to draw inspiration for an overall concept or design intention rooted in the processes and activities that have created the broad landscape.

In my spare time, I enjoy sport, and harvesting from my allotment.


I love the view from …

Overlooking Portland Harbour and Weymouth bay. Some great 360’ views especially during the summer.

My favourite walk …

Along the South Bank from Waterloo to London Bridge, especially before Christmas, with the smell of roasted nuts and mulled wine.

The most memorable thing I’ve seen in a public space …

A life size ‘pin art’ installation, with some very dubious human shapes being made.

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