Anna Kalbasko

Senior Consultant

020 7467 1470

I joined LDA Design in 2019 as a senior urban designer. I have worked on a number of projects in the UK and abroad, delivering site-specific, sustainable design. My approach to design is socially oriented. I look at placemaking as a way to connect people with the environment, and enhance their experience of the world.

Current projects include Queensway Estate Regeneration in Southend-on-Sea. I am enjoying applying the lessons learnt from UK projects to more familiar territories overseas, including a vision to deliver good growth to a city in Russia which faces some significant challenges, not least the sub-arctic climate and geographical isolation. The masterplan vision is to turn these unique landscape conditions into placemaking opportunities that enhance local identity and a sense of belonging for residents both old and new.

Besides my passion for urban design, I enjoy travelling as it is my main source of inspiration for work and life. I also practice and teach meditation with the enterprise Beanddo.


As an urban designer who has inspired you?

Charles Montgomery is an inspirational figure for me. He wrote a book, 'Happy City', that explains how urban design can affect our wellbeing.

I love the view from ...

The Proper Tea Room at Manchester Cathedral. Through the large windows I can indulge in people watching with beautiful architecture as the background.

My favourite walk is ...

Levada do Caldeirao Verde in Madeira. The route takes you along the canals through the abundance of forest, from time to time opening up breathtaking panoramic views. it's a real forest bathing experience!

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