Ashleigh Davis

Project Consultant

0161 359 5684

Completing my master’s from Sheffield University during a global pandemic was not what I had expected from 2020, but joining LDA Design in the autumn has been a highlight of a very strange year.

I love living and working in Manchester. The speed at which the city is changing and growing around me is incredible. It’s an exciting place to be a landscape architect. Landscapes are the thing that everyone unknowingly has in common. They are the patchwork that ties all the messy bits in our cities together and allow for a sense of excitement in-between the buildings. I feel lucky to have the privilege of shaping these spaces.

When I’m not at work, I can often be found splashing around in any large body of water I can find or if on dry land, I’ll probably be climbing, longboarding or cycling and probably trying to doodle and dance at the same time!


My favourite place is …

Sand Tarn up Wild Boar Fell in Cumbria. It’s a magical place to wild camp with sunsets and sunrises, all whilst feeling like you’re on top of the world.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

David Hockney, His appreciation of colour and scale highlights those simple, special moments within landscapes that so often stop you in your tracks when you’re out and about exploring.

I love the view from …

The café at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. You feel like you’re sitting high up in the canopy of the trees, eating glorious food with a Sarah Price garden at your feet.

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