Ben Adams


0141 222 9780

Following my four-year MA degree in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art and a year out spent at LDA Design, I re-joined  LDA’s Glasgow studio. I am excited to work on high-profile streetscapes such as Aberdeen’s Union Street Vision and Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries masterplan. Projects like these have me fascinated in how reconfiguring the public realm can create more hospitable, liveable cities and where our profession intersects with public transport and active travel. During my final year dissertation, I examined how landscape architecture can create healthy and balanced contemporary residential environments.

Outside of  landscape architecture, I have worked part-time as a barista within specialty coffee shops: these have shaped my interests in discovering local communities and their people. Scotland has a fantastic coffee scene, and I am also enthusiastic about Scottish independent arts, music and cinema.


As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

Anything solarpunk, such as the illustrations of Luc Schuiten, or fantastical like a scene from a Ghibli movie.

I love the view from …

The top of Edinburgh’s Blackford Hill, facing northwards over to the Firth of Forth. It’s a popular spot for locals and I have a lot of memories attached to here… (not just because it was a partying spot back in the day!)

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

My local Edinburgh high street runs through South Clerk St to North Bridge, a busy and diverse part of town. There is a lot I would change, but most of all creating parklets for people to sit and dine as currently there is little incentive to stop and enjoy the outdoors there.

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