Benjamin Walker


020 7467 1470

As a designer, I truly believe great design can be the most beautiful and simplistic thing in the world. I think it has the power to change, improve and revolutionise space and behaviour, all starting with a pencil and an appreciation of place.

I love the quote by Henry Ford – “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This tells me that people don’t always know what they want until something new is offered. Our job, especially today in a world still working out what a post-pandemic society looks like, is to ensure we offer everything, to everyone. This enables great design that comes from what people want and influenced by the place where they live.

When all that colouring in gets too much, I love nothing more than to pack up, jump on a boat and meander around the south coast powered by the occasional gin. The winter is a bit trickier but you will likely find me in a field pleading with the dog to do what its told.


What’s been your proudest moment since joining LDA Design?

Finally delivering the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station – 11 years in the making.

The last book I read was …

'Animal Farm' by George Orwell.

I love the view from …

The Old Fort pub in Seaview on the Isle of Wight, looking back towards the mainland.

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