Bernie Foulkes


020 7467 1470

I am a masterplanner, urban designer and landscape architect with more than 30 years’ experience in regeneration, development and environmental planning and design.

My specialisms are whole town and city visioning and large-scale masterplanning for major new urban growth areas. I have worked in most UK cities. I am also a specialist in urban regeneration, looking at how cities and towns adapt to change.

Professional milestones include Millbay Docks in Plymouth and Birmingham Eastside, and our work on Yorkshire Forward Urban Renaissance in the noughties.

I have led the growth of the masterplanning capability in LDA Design, and while we know so much more now about making projects happen, one thing has not changed: great projects always start with a great idea.  I can see some of our more recent projects shaping the new world, like Meridian Water, Serp and Molot in Moscow, and University College London East.

Family, painting, tennis, skiing, cycling, Dartmoor and my beloved Manchester United keep me sane (but not always in that order, I’m told).

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