Beth Teal

Project Consultant

01223 949054

A combined appreciation for cartography and design led me to study town planning and specialise in urban design. Since graduating, I have spent time in both public and private sectors, working across town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture.

My passions sit firmly with the coalescence of inclusive and sustainable design: to form places that are a pleasure for everyone, invite nature in and support the natural environment. It delights me knowing that what we do has a positive impact beyond our lifetimes, and our craft has an intrinsic connection with daily lives.

Most of my free time is spent dragging my 1920s home into the 21st century, pottering around the garden or exploring a town or city with my stomach as key driver.



If you could change one thing about your local high street …

The creation and retention of smaller commercial spaces and market places, allowing more independent businesses and pop-up stores to find space to exist and drawing interest and variety back into urban centres.

I love the view from …

Surprise View in the Peak District. Don’t ruin it for yourself by looking on Streetview, for best results it must be seen in person.

I’ve never really understood why …

The crucial social value of third spaces is not more widely appreciated.

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