Cameron Fong

Project Consultant

0141 222 9780

I joined LDA Design in 2023 having gained experience on masterplanning and urban design projects including Aberdeen’s Chapelton of Elsick and Grandhome, and Regent Gardens.

I am passionate about engaging communities with design to develop a deeper connection with spaces and places. I believe that public spaces are transformational in bridging communities and bringing people together to share, grow and learn from each other’s backgrounds, experiences and differences. Through place, we can start to build a stronger collective view to bring more positive change within society.

In my spare time, I love keeping active with hikes, walks and exploring new places – especially cities. A guilty pleasure is staying home and playing video games but mostly when it’s wet outside, which is maybe all too often in Scotland.


I love the view from ...

The hike to Lochnagar. Start in the dark and keep going for sunrise and you’ll definitely see a lot of wildlife and huge expanses across the Cairngorms. It’s so magical. I saw deer running in the distance backlit by the sunrise. It felt like every moment was a scene from the Lion King film.

The last book I read was ...

‘Basic Income And How We Can Make It Happen’ by Guy Standing. A phenomenal book exploring how we should be looking at resolving inequality and income disparity as a society through Universal Basic Income and some myth busting around why increasing wages and equity in pay isn’t bad for society.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen in a public space?

Maybe a little bit unconventional but marching on roads (where we traditionally don’t spend a lot of time as pedestrians) for COP26 FridaysForFuture March through Glasgow was a phenomenal way to reimagine the possibility of how we can use and interact with our built environment, rather cars taking priority which is the norm.

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