Charlie Mitchell


01733 310 471

The first ten years of my career were spent in the film industry, developing screenplays for independent production companies. In 2008 I made the switch to Landscape Architecture, and was surprised by the similarities, not least the importance of compelling stories.

Working on feature films gave me an appreciation for how narratives are constructed. Now that I specialise in the promotion of residential projects across the country, from large scale urban extensions to small scale housing schemes, I look for the set of unique circumstances that underpins the potential within each site, unearth the story and convey it.


I love the view from …

The floor. Since having kids, that's where I've spent much of the past four years.

I've never really understood why …

My wife agreed to marry me.

I am constantly in awe of people's collective ability to invent ...

They put a man on the moon ... 50 years ago!

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