Charlotte Jackson

Project Consultant

01223 949054

After a year of studying biology with conservation and biodiversity at the University of Sheffield, I decided the best way to contribute to the world is through urban environment research and design. I changed to study landscape architecture then had two years in industry, including a part-time 10 month leadership programme. I joined LDA Design after completing my Masters,  and I am now part of the exciting Cambridge start-up.

I enjoy LDA Design’s people-focused approach design and the atmosphere at work. My recent projects include the Cambridge Science Park and Barking Riverside in London. I work closely with clients and other professionals, and enjoy seeing how when professional relationships grow, projects can thrive.

I am taking my career down a people-focused path, designing places that will bring about change where wanted and finding solutions that positively impact ordinary lives. I believe urban environments can have the potential to improve social mobility, security, health and the long-term sustainability of communities and cities around the world. I want to contribute and be a part of that.

At the weekends, I like to see friends, discover new foodie places with my husband or seek out the sunny seaside. I’ve recently taken to sewing with the hope I’ll become competent in making my own clothes and am starting to train to run a half marathon next year.


As a landscape consultant, who has inspired you?

Noel Farrer. I once heard him say “well-planned landscapes can address inequality and raise aspirations… we are not just making it look pretty, we are going to turn around the community.” Our day-to-day surroundings influence our aspirations: a great place can ignite hope. This is a key reason why I choose to design.

On eof my favourite summer walks is ...

Through Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge. The calming river, green fields, wandering cows and pockets of people make for a restful yet buzzing and refreshing atmosphere.

The last two books i read were ...

The Bible and Building Brazil - the Proactive Urban Renewal of Informal Settlements.

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