Dafydd Warburton


01865 887 050

I’m a designer with 16 years’ experience in landscape architecture and believe that great design lies in the details. I have developed a specific set of skills in the field of public realm design and have been responsible for the detailed design and implementation of award winning projects including Diglis Water in Worcester and the regeneration of Gloucester Docks.

I am passionate about designing and building beautiful and usable places that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.


I love the view from ...

The top of Elidir Fawr.

My favourite run is ...

Across the sand dunes at Newborough Warren and Llanddwyn Island National Nature Reserve, Newborough, Anglesey. I’m a sports fanatic, and regularly compete at county and national running and sportive events across the country. I’m at home in the mountains of North Wales.

The last book I read was ...

Mr Tickle.

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