Daniela D’Argenio

Project Consultant

0207 467 1470

I am a chartered landscape architect and, in 2016, I become a Landscape Institute committee helper. Over the last twelve years I have worked within a variety of architectural practices gaining experience across a broad range of projects. I studied in Naples and Berlin.

Since joining LDA Design, I have been helping to create inviting new public realm in Wembley Park. I’ve also been involved in early concepts for Dublin White Water Course. I like to develop sustainable solutions that answer the environmental challenges we face today. My responsibilities range from formulating landscape project concepts through to design and implementation.

I’m a creative person and am passionate about the use of land art. I love to paint, and I enjoy comedy and ballet.


As a Landscape Architect, who has inspired you?

I find Antoni Gaudi's designs and the beauty of his sinuous shapes uniquely inspiring. His work is so complex and yet organic, it becomes part of the natural environment.

My favourite walk is ...

By the seaside. I was born in a valley and I’ve been surrounded by mountains for a long time... so naturally, I wish to one day to live by the sea. I am drawn to the water, it generates an empathy in me.

The last book I read was ...

‘The Clown’ by Heinrich Boll. The clown is the ancient art comedy character. The human condition is inherent in it. Subconscious instincts are represented as characters and the actors wear masks. It shows the grotesque becoming reality.

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