David Wesselingh


01392 260430

I am a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer.

I have worked around the country in Cambridge, Bristol, Plymouth, Fareham, Swindon, London and Cardiff and in Russia and China, planning for growth, regeneration and change in the built environment.

I work at all scales, from planning for cities and regions to the design of public spaces, driven by context and the unique qualities of place.

My spare time is split between painting, making, running and enjoying remote parts of Devon with my wife, brand new daughter and dog.


My favourite place is …

Lustleigh Cleave - about 3,500 years west of Exeter on the edge of Dartmoor.

The last book I read was …

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. Set during the Great Depression in California on a street lined with sardine canneries, the characters, location and narrative present a perfectly complete description of place.

What nearly always works?


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