Dimitris Adamidis

Project Consultant

01392 260430

I joined LDA Design as a landscape architect in 2020 after moving from Copenhagen to Exeter.

I hold a master’s from the University of Copenhagen in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, and a bachelor’s degree from the International Hellenic University in Landscape Architecture. I’m currently working on a large-scale masterplan for Gravity, the UK’s first smart campus, situated near Bridgewater in the South West, along with other exciting projects.

I firmly believe that our living space extends beyond the buildings we inhabit, and needs to be designed and treated with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Outside of work, I love travelling, skiing, enjoying good vibes at a music festival and when weather conditions allow, paragliding.


I love the view from …

Masca village in Tenerife. The views are simply breath-taking, and remind me of a lost world. A pro tip is to book a stay there and enjoy a stunning sunrise.

What nearly always works (for projects)?

Truly caring about the needs of the people who will use the space we design.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen in a public space?

People smiling and enjoying a new public space that was previously abandoned and had a bad reputation. It's very rewarding to see your ideas come to life and to have a positive impact on many lives.

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