Ed Hargreaves

Principal Consultant

0161 359 5684

After several years working for large multi-disciplinary consultancies, I joined LDA Design in our Manchester studio as a principal EIA consultant in March 2022.

I work towards the delivery of dynamic and robust EIA that contributes to sustainable development by integrating environmental constraints and opportunities into scheme design throughout the planning process. LDA Design delivers EIA that goes further than just securing planning consents – we drive high-quality design that responds to people and the environment.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching Test cricket, hiking and cold-water swimming.



I love the view from ...

The top of Ngoma Kurira, a granite hill in Zimbabwe.

My favourite walk is ...

Through Erimitis Forest in the north-east of Corfu, Greece – a peninsula supporting some of the last virgin coastal woodland habitat in the Mediterranean.

The last book I read was ...

'Aurora' by Kim Stanley Robinson – a poignant reminder of how precious our little blue marble really is.

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