Emily Jacob

Senior Consultant

01223 949054

I joined LDA Design at the start of 2019.  Since then, I have been involved in many interesting projects including working with the Environment Agency for a flood management scheme in Arundel. The scheme delivers improvements to the river tidal wall, whilst also protecting the heritage assets of the town. Transforming the public realm and increasing public access made this project particularly rewarding.

My undergraduate degree in History of Art from the  University of Manchester gave me a basis of knowledge in art and architectural history, which I apply in projects with historical and cultural contexts, using a sensitive and informed approach. I am enrolled on the Pathway to Chartership programme working towards becoming a Chartered member of the Landscape Institute.

I love city breaks, botanic gardens and art galleries.


I love the view from ...

The Mill Pond in Cambridge on a summer’s evening. Willow trees, the river and punts slowly passing by - a peaceful idyll in the heart of the city.

The last two books I read were ...

'Three Men in a Boat' - a comedy classic, and 'Freakonmics: how to think like a freak' from the podcast of the same name. Myth-busting, mind-bending stories from all fields and disciplines. A great non-fiction read to get you thinking about the world, and assumed knowledge of it, a little differently.

What almost never works (for projects)?

Going straight into software to draw a design. Make at least one sketch with your pen before you use the mouse!

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