Evgeny Didorenko


020 7467 1470

Before joining LDA Design, I gained wide experience in the fields of architecture and urban design working in Russian design studios, and I was an independent practice leader in Moscow for a year. I headed up the competition department in one of the Moscow-based studios: I am passionate about competitions and their role in architectural and masterplanning conceptual competencies development. Ideas-driven design solutions are essential for our profession.

I’m in love with my work and it is very important for me to stay curious, learn and be happy with the final result. When I have spare time, and my friends or family are not around, I spend it travelling, exploring different cities and learning from other places.


What is your secret superpower (at work)?

Eating Snickers, drinking coffee, smoking, “Tesla boy” listening.

What nearly always works?

Cloud effect for fancy photoshopping renders.

My favourite place is …

In London, Queen’s quay - a little bay on the north bank of the Thames with a fascinating history and big potential for improvement.

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