Farnaz Ganji

Senior Consultant

01733 310 471

I am an urban designer with qualifications in architecture, urban design, and planning. I joined LDA Design in 2018 after finishing my PhD in Landscape Architecture. My earlier experience encompasses research, mapping, data analysis, context appraisal, spatial analysis, and urban regeneration. I have also taught in urban design and landscape architecture studios. My research experience about inclusive design, cultural diversity and social values of public open spaces offered me a nuanced insight into the social responsibility of place making practice.

Some of my recent work at LDA includes developing strategic development plans and baseline analysis as inputs for promotional and vision documents, Design and Access Statements, and producing illustrative masterplans for a range of mixed-use and residential developments from 100-2500 units within the East of England.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy travelling and discovering the world through my daughter’s eyes, and if I get any extra time, I learn classical canonic repertoire (Radif singing).


The last book I read was ...

‘The Righteous Mind’ by Jonathan Haidt, which offers an interesting insight into the formation and evolution of beliefs, judgments, and morality.

If I could change one thing about my local high street ...

I would include more informal play opportunities and interactive public arts.

What nearly always works for projects ...

Draw design solutions and proposals from a thorough data analysis of the existing context and don't resist unconventional ideas.

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