Florence Clayton


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I was originally attracted to landscape architecture as it combined my interest of the outdoors with design. I studied at the University of Sheffield and it was during my master’s I explored how landscape could be the impetus for change, accommodating the temporary use of space before development occurs. This has led to an interest in ephemeral landscapes, whether that be the Namaqualand daisy carpets in South Africa, the daily changes in surface glacial ice, or simply a Devon hedgebank in spring.

Following on from my work in previous landscape architecture practices and some time working aboard, I recently joined the Exeter office and look forward to getting involved with a wide range of projects.


I love the view of…

Approaching Skaftafell National Park from the west. Seeing the glaciers carve the landscape right before your eyes is something I’m very grateful to have been able to see. The scale of the 15km wide Skeiðarárjökull is breathtaking, and the ever-changing weather combined with the unique Nordic light means that the view changes from second to second.

The last book I read was …

The Humans by Matt Haig. I’d highly recommend it, it’s the perfect combination of a comical, easy read and something which makes you go away and question why we humans do things the way we do.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

The current Head of Department at Sheffield Department of Landscape, James Hitchmough. His overwhelming passion for planting, pertinent social observations and energetic character are contagious.

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